We are an experienced team that has created various business process and technological solutions for several companies in multiple industries. We have successfully created the infrastructure and controls needed for each company to capture major market share and become an industry leader.

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We have built financial and key performance metric reporting systems for each company. This has allowed them to affectively measure and improve their business operations in real-time. These technological solutions have empowered both the employees and customers alike to conduct their daily interactions and activities efficiently and effectively. Saving time and money for both parties.

In addition to implementing the items above, we have been responsible for building and executing each company’s customer acquisition, lead generation, and overall marketing strategy. Our team has helped generated over $6 billion in revenue for our clients through these efforts.

Our number one focus while building these marketing strategies over the years, has been customer validation and loyalty programs. This is why we are very excited to join the OPES platform and use their facial recognition and block chain technology for marketing and loyalty programs. Our processes will benefit companies and customers alike.

Our mission is to unite companies and customers around the world with our experience and OPES’s revolutionary customer validation and loyalty benefits. OPES will be the technical foundation and each individual company will need a customized approach to implement their full validation needs. OPES Unite will be there to help key partners unlock the value of OPES and scale their business to new heights.

Customers will benefit from an easy initial sign up and validation process. In addition, customers will be able to sign back in with ease and no concerns about their credentials ever being hacked or stolen. We will be implementing rewards programs for each partner that will be accurate and precise rewarding each customer appropriately.

We are excited to help companies build reward programs for their customers through the OPES platform. The best part is that OPES is also offering rewards to the customers for being members of the OPES society. Therefore, customers will get two types of rewards when being part of OPES and your customer.

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Our commitment is to build and to give back to the OPES society.

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